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Yugioh GX:
Alexis loves Jaden Yuki

Alexis awoke on the morning of Christmas eve inside her Obelisk Blue girls dorm room and she got up placing her feet inside of her Cyber Blader house shoes.  She stood up and she walked over to her window and she looked outside. Snow filled Dual Academy and the other dorm houses were covered in snow.  Alexis placed her palms on the glass window of her room and her palms quickly turned winter cold. Alexis quickly grabbed her robe from her coat rack and put it on and she made her way down stairs into the Obelisk Blue girls living room.

Fonda Fontaine was making Christmas cards that her son brought for her this year in a kit box laying on the table in the giant sized living room. Alexis didn't want to disturb her headmaster so she walked down stairs to the Obelisk Blue girls' gym room hoping to find something interesting to do. Jasmine was playing basketball with Aster Phoenix in the girl's dorm, Alexis stood on the sidelines wondering   why Jasmine would let a boy into their dorm house.  Jasmine stole the ball from Asters left hand and she performed a slam dunk on Aster's side of the court. Aster took the ball next serve and he performed a cross court shot into Jasmines basket. Jasmine took the ball again and she performed a half court shot into Asters basket but the win still turned in Asters favor because he had the most shot points.

Jasmine sat down on the bench next to Alexis and she covered her head in a pink towel still hot from the match with Aster.  Alexis grabbed a water bottle from the ice box and she handed the bottle to Jasmine."I can't believe I lost to Aster, I was this close to beating him". Jasmine said. Alexis sat down on the bench next to Jasmine trying to ignore the funk coming from Jasmine's body. "I'm pretty sure you will beat him next time". Alexis said. Jasmine drunk from the water bottle and she then looked at Alexis. "You're skilled enough in sports to actually encourage me without a fact, but you actually beat Aster in Tennis a while ago so you got vibe girl". Jasmine said. Alexis face began showing blush marks and she stood still pretending not to be impressed by her fame. " I didn't exactly  wake up one day with the skills to beat Aster. ' I trained in sports long before I even came to Dual Academy, I trained with Yugi Moto and Teia Gardner back in Domino City shortly after Battle City ended'." To be honest I actually enjoyed playing sports with those two, it was actually fun as I got older". Alexis said. Jasmine leaned up strait after hearing Alexis speech. "You didn't tell me you knew Yugi Moto and Teia Gardner, as best friends I expect you to tell me everything about you". Jasmine said. Alexis moved her blond bangs from her eyes and she looked at Jasmine. Does Mindy ever tell you about her crush on your cousin Kalam? Alexis asked. Jasmine sat on the bench surprised by Mindy's sudden love interest in her cousin. "Just because where best friends that don't mean that we have to spill all are secrets to one another every time we speak to each other". Alexis said.

Alexis stood up and she left the gym room getting ready to have breakfast in the girl's cafeteria.  Once she was done having breakfast,  Alexis went up to her room and changed into a sporty outfit that Alexis usually wore whenever she wasn't wearing her Obelisk Blue girls uniform. The sporty outfit that Alexis was wearing was a birthday present from Fontaine earlier this year.

Jaden Yuki was one of her fans that liked her outfit, which was one of the main reasons why Alexis wore the sporty outfit on the weekend.  Alexis walked over to her coat rack and she put on a long trench coat going down to her ankles.  Alexis was going over to Jaden's dorm house to play a card game called Dual Monsters for practice.  Alexis left her room and she went down stairs leaving the dorm house. Once outside she saw a couple students dueling Valarie and Kim, two of Bastions friends with a Christmas seasonal deck with monsters like Jack Frost, Santa Clause, Ultimate Santa Clause and Mecha Snowman Vince with more than five stars to the dual cards.
Alexis marched through the snow as she made her way past the Obelisk boy's dorm. Atticus went back to Domino City for Christmas break, Zane went back to Hong Kong along  with Styrus, Blair went back  to Chicago, Mindy went back  to Jamaica, Hassel Berry went back to Arizona to spend time with his parents for Cuanza and Alexis was thinking about going back home with Atticus but she changed her mind and stayed at the Academy.

Alexis looked over the horizon and she saw the Slifer Red dorm with its red rooftop sticking out like a red thumb surrounded with miles of white blankets of snow on the island. Once Alexis reached the Slifer dorm she walked upstairs and knocked on Jaden's door. "It's me Alexis, please open up". Alexis shouted. Jaden's door unlocked and it opened, Chazz Princeton was standing in the middle of the door way looking at Alexis.

For some strange reason Chazz wasn't being his old stubborn crazy self, not to mention he wasn't trying to flirt with Alexis. Chazz stepped out onto the porch and Alexis stepped back wards fearing that Chazz was going to try and kiss her.

Chazz turned to his right completely ignoring Alexis and he went down stairs until Alexis couldn't see him any longer.  Alexis stepped into Jaden's bed room and shut the door.  What was that all about? Alexis asked. Jaden salvaged through a white box underneath his bonk and he looked up at Alexis. "Chazz's mother died yesterday, she died giving birth to Chazz's baby sister Yukari in the hospital. That's why Chazz is sad". Jaden replied to Alexis.

Alexis stood still quiet for a couple of minutes honoring the life of Chazz's dead mother. "Rest in peace mother of Chazz ". Alexis mourned under her breath. Jaden stood up holding a dual monsters video game disk in his right palm showing it to Alexis. Dual Monsters Fight Night K.G.7, I thought that we were going to dual? Alexis asked Jaden. Jaden shook his head no not wanting to dual. Im tired of life points and monster cards, let's play the P.S.3 and fight each other's characters until one of us lose the round? Jaden asked.

Alexis agreed to play the game with Jaden for a couple of hours; she found a chair and picked up a remote control and sat down.  Alexis picked Cyber Blader as her avatar and Jaden picked Cyber Dragon as his avatar. The two students played the game for five hours not including bathroom breaks, when they were done playing the game,  Alexis laid back in her seat rubbing her eyelids because her sight was blurry.  Jaden stood up from off his bed and he opened the window blinds looking up at the moon. "Six o'clock pm, I can't believe we played that game that long". Jaden said.

Alexis contradicted the fact that she spent this long in a guy's room playing video games and hanging out with a boy in his room without hormones rising between them.  Alexis stood up and she walked to the door leading outside. "I should go; Fontaine will be expecting me soon". Alexis said. Jaden walked over to Alexis and he put on his Slifer red winter coat.  Going back already, you will mist the Christmas festival in the gym room at the school? Jaden asked. Alexis looked at Jaden and turned her head putting on her coat. "I've been to many festivals and I always end up as some poster girl so some freak can earn some money for whatever they desire the most". Alexis said. Alexis opened Jaden's door and went outside. " If some freak come near you with a camera I will shrub it down their throats at the festival". Jaden said to Alexis.

Alexis looked at Jaden and she smacked him across the face. "I hate violence and I hate violent men who speak to me violently, don't become a person I dislike, Jaden". Alexis said. Alexis stumped off leaving Jaden alone outside his dorm. Hey wait, I didn't mean it like that! Jaden shouted.

Alexis marched past the RA yellow dorm trying to make her way back to the girl's dorm in the snow; she was trying to get back home before it started snowing again. Jaden appeared over the hill top looking for Alexis. He marched down the hill trying to catch up with Alexis, but eventually Alexis stopped marching and waited on Jaden to catch up with her. "I'm not going to the festival, Jaden". Alexis said. Alexis kept on marching to her dorm as it came insight in the night time.

Alexis reached her dorm house and she opened the door, a few Obelisk girls and a few Slifer girls were decorating the mansion sized living room when Alexis and Jaden came into the room. A few girls looked at Jaden and Alexis in a curious way. What now? Alexis said to the girls. The girls looked up and then Jaden looked up and spotted a mistletoe hanging above Jaden and Alexis head. Oh you got to be kidding me! Jaden said. Alexis looked at the mistletoe and then over at Jaden.  If I kiss Jaden Yuki, will you girls take down this damn mistletoe? Alexis asked. "Only if you kiss Jaden the way you wanted to for so long, then we will take down the mistletoe". The girls said.

What! I don't like Jaden like that, I never did and can't utter believe that you would blackmail me like and that is so not true at all! Alexis shouted and her face turned all red. Alexis turned her sight quickly from Jaden refusing to look at him. "You forgot a word, Alexis". One of the girls said. Alexis looked at the girl at the corner of her eye.

Kiss Jaden, kiss Jaden, kiss Jaden, kiss Jaden! The girls chanted.  Alexis turned around, grabbed Jaden and kissed him making lip contact with him. Alexis kissed Jaden like a newlywed and she then pulled her lips off of Jaden's lips refusing to say anything to him. Alexis went upstairs and she never came back down stairs to see Jaden off.  Minutes later Alexis stood in the hallway upstairs blushing because she kissed Jaden, she went into her room without a sound and she locked the door behind her.

The End
Fanfic story

I mist typing stories about Alexis Rhodes from Yugioh GX, so I posted another fan fic for viewers to read.
Joshua-418 Featured By Owner May 8, 2015
Is there another part. The story has got my attention.
artdemon123 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013

dude I hope you realize you misspelled so many words but I'll tell you this one it's duel monsters not dual monsters

ja-c25 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
that's so cute! I love it!
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